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When Do Bearded Dragons Shed


When Do Bearded Dragons Shed?

Bearded dragons, or “Pogona” as they are commonly referred to, are a popular pet lizard in many households these days. They are unique and fun, adding a wild and fascinating presence to your home. One interesting, yet sometimes confusing, aspect of caring for bearded dragons is understanding when and why they shed their skin.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Shed?

Bearded dragons shed their skin, much like other reptiles and amphibians, for several reasons:

    • Growth – as your bearded dragon matures, the old skin just isn’t big enough anymore and must stretch and loosen to make way for the larger size.


    • Health and reproduction – as bearded dragons shed, they can get rid of old skin parasites, irritants, and also stimulate reproductive hormones.


    • Damage – if bearded dragons are exposed to skin irritants or parasites, shedding can help prevent further damage.


When Do Bearded Dragons Shed?

Bearded dragons usually shed every 2-4 weeks during their rapid growth period as hatchlings, and then every 2-4 months from the time they reach adulthood. When your bearded dragon is about to shed, its skin will start to become dull, rough, and patchy in color. You will also see its eyes become pale or cloudy. It’s important to monitor your dragon during the shedding period so you can make sure the process is going smoothly, as some dragons may have trouble shedding certain areas of their body.

How To Help Your Bearded Dragon Shed

During the shedding process, you can help your bearded dragon out in several ways.

    • Provide a moist hiding area – this will help keep the skin moist, making it easier to shed.


    • Create a warm and humid environment – the right temperature and humidity will also help the shedding process.


    • Bathe your dragon – giving your bearded dragon a shallow bath twice a week can help loosen the old skin.


    • A light massage – if you notice your dragon having trouble shedding, a light massage can help loosen the skin.


Understanding the shedding process of your bearded dragon is an important part of being a pet owner. Knowing when, why, and how to help your dragon shed its skin can ensure that the process is stress-free for everyone involved!

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