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when do guinea pigs stop growing

When Do Guinea Pigs Stop Growing?

Guinea pigs make great little pets that don’t require a lot of space. But how big do they get and when do they stop growing?

Size and Lifespan

Most domesticated guinea pigs reach adult size by the time they are 8-12 weeks old. They usually weigh about 1.5-2.5 pounds when fully grown, reaching a length of 10-12 inches. In some of the larger breeds, they can reach up to 4.5 pounds. Guinea pigs typically live for 4-8 years.

Grooming and Exercise

Guinea pigs require regular grooming, including nail clipping and brushing. This helps keep coats and skin healthy, while promoting proper development. They also need daily exercise and require a safe, spacious habitat to explore.


A balanced, nutrient-rich diet is essential for healthy growth and development. Guinea pigs need a variety of fresh vegetables, hay, and a limited amount of grains. Vitamin C is especially important and must be supplemented, since guinea pigs cannot synthesize this essential nutrient on their own.

Health Concerns

Early medical check-ups are important for ensuring that your guinea pig stays healthy as it grows. Depending on its size, a guinea pig may be more prone to certain health concerns, such as respiratory illnesses, arthritis, and heart problems.

In conclusion, guinea pigs are generally fully grown by 12 weeks of age and should live a healthy lifespan with proper nutrition, exercise, and attentive care. Regular check-ups with a licensed veterinarian are key to keeping your guinea pig healthy and happy

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