When Do Rabbits Open Their Eyes


When do Baby Rabbits Open their Eyes?

Baby rabbits (known as kits) are blind and deaf for the first few weeks after being born.  Augh they may appear to be sleeping most of the time, there are some very important milestones that they reach during this time. After two weeks, baby rabbits will start to open their eyes and experience the world around them.

What to Expect After Two Weeks

After two weeks, expecting mothers will start to see some changes in their litter. Baby rabbits will begin to show signs of curiosity, as they start to explore their environment. This is a crucial time, as they start to become more aware and responsive to their surroundings. Here are some signs to look for after two weeks when the rabbits start to open their eyes:

    • Ear Movement: The openings of the rabbits’ ears will begin to move in their direction.


    • Opening eyes: After a few days of moving their ears, you’ll notice that their eyes start to open. Initially, their eyes are a light blue and will remain like that for about a month.


    • Exploration: As the rabbits become more aware of their surroundings, they start to explore and become more active.


The Transition from Milk to Solid Food

Once the rabbits open their eyes and begin to explore their environment, they will start to transition from milk to solid food. At this stage, it is important to provide the mother rabbit with an abundance of nutrition, so that she is able to produce more milk for her litter. When introducing the rabbits to solid food, make sure to provide them with small pieces of hay and some ground-up pellets.

It is also important to keep an eye out for any health issues. Pay close attention to the kits’ movements and behavior, and contact a veterinarian if there are any signs of distress or illness.


Although baby rabbits appear to be sleeping during their first two weeks, they are actually very busy exploring and experiencing the world around them. After two weeks, they will start to open their eyes and become more active. This is the perfect time to introduce them to solid food and keep an eye out for any signs of distress or illness.

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