When I Squeeze My Dogs Nipples Milk Comes Out


Can a Dog Produce Milk From its Nipples?

It may be a surprise to some people, but it is true that a dog can produce milk from its nipples. This is because all mammals have the ability to produce milk, in order to nourish their young offspring. So if you ever find yourself squeezing your dog’s nipples and milky liquid comes out, don’t panic!

The Science Behind Milk Production in Dogs

During pregnancy, female dogs experience a change in their hormones that stimulates the production of particular cells in their mammary glands. As a result, the mammary glands swell with milk, so that nursing puppies can feed from their mother. After the puppies are weaned off, the mother dog will cease to produce milk.

What Should You Do If Milk Comes Out of Your Dog’s Nipples?

In this case, the most likely explanation is that your dog is pregnant, so if you are not planning on breeding your dog, then they should be examined by a vet to see if they can be spayed. If you have noticed other signs of pregnancy such as an enlarged abdomen, or your dog’s nipples being swollen, this is further proof that your dog is pregnant.

Signs That Your Dog Could be Pregnant

There are a few other signs that can indicate pregnancy in a dog, some of them being:

    • Weight gain: Expect your dog to gain around 1-2lbs per week during the last two weeks of pregnancy


    • Enlarged abdomen: Pregnant dogs often look swollen, especially towards the end of the pregnancy


    • Visible veins: Enlarged veins may be visible on your dog’s stomach due to their expanding abdomen


    • Personality changes: Pregnant dogs may become more clingy and affectionate


Milk production in dogs can be a confusing thing to observe, but it is simply a natural process that occurs during pregnancy. If you notice that your dog’s nipples are producing milk, it is important to take them to the vet to be examined immediately.

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