Where Can I Find Frogs In Genshin Impact


Where to Find Frogs in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an expansive open-world game filled with interesting characters, wildlife, and activities. If you’re an avid collector, you may be wondering where you can find frogs in Impact so you can add them to your collection. Read on to learn more about where you can find these amphibious critters!

Where to Find Frogs in Mondstadt

Frogs can be found all over the country of They can be located near water, so try looking near lakes, ponds, rivers, and wetlands. Frogs can also be found in flowerbeds and around grassy areas, so keep an eye out for them while exploring. You may also find some frogs just by walking around in the outdoors.

Where to Find Frogs in Liyue

The landscape of is different than that of but frogs can still be found in the area. Look near rivers, wetlands, and other bodies of water for these amphibious buddies. You may also find them in grassy areas or around rocks and ruins.

How to Catch Frogs

Once you’ve located a frog, you can attempt to catch it. To do so, you’ll need to equip a specific item first. Make sure you have the “Froggy Set” in your inventory and equip it before attempting to catch a frog. The item is included in some Character Ascension materials, so you may have to purchase it from the store.

Once you have the Froggy Set equipped, all you have to do is target the frog and use your interaction key. Afterward, you can view the frog in your collection and it will remain there until you delete it or switch characters.


If you’re looking to add frogs to your collection, you can find them all over  Impact, particularly in Mondstadt and . Look near water, flowerbeds, grassy areas, rocks, and ruins to see if you can spot a frog. Don’t forget to equip the “Froggy Set” before attempting to catch one!

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