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Wild Bearded Dragons’ Habitat

Where Do Wild Bearded Dragons Live Bearded dragons, also known as Pogona Vitticeps, are a species of agamid lizards native to Australia. They grow to be around 18-24 inches in length including their tail, brown-gray in color, possessing distinctive spines on their throats. But where do these wild bearded dragons live?

Where Wild Bearded Dragons Can Be Found

Wild bearded dragons are found mostly in semi-desert and scrubland environments throughout the central eastern and south-eastern parts of Australia. They inhabit areas such as:

    • Kangaroo Island


    • Atyeara


    • Victoria


    • New South Wales


    • Queensland


    • Western Australia


Bearded dragons are considered to be terrestrial, which means they spend most of their time on the ground. To be more specific, they can be found in areas like sandy terrain, spinifex grasslands, woodlands, and dry eucalypt forests.

Bearded Dragon’s Habitat Behavior

Wild bearded dragons prefer habitats that are well ventilated, warm, and sunny, since they are ectothermic creatures. That’s why they are commonly found basking on rocks, stumps, logs and other objects located in open spaces.

Their perfect environment includes areas such as large flat rocks, with shallow crevices, where they can conceal themselves from other predators. Bearded dragons also love to burrow in the sand, hiding to preserve their body temperature.

Bearded dragons enjoy temperatures of 90 to 95° Fahrenheit, however, their ideal thermoregulatory range when basking is around 100° Fahrenheit.

To sum up, wild bearded dragons live in the semi-desert and scrubland environments located in the central and south-eastern parts of Australia. They love sunny, warm and ventilated areas, as well as flat rocks, crevices and burrows. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in the searched for locations, keep your eyes open, for you just might see one!

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