where does snakes go in the winter

Where Do Snakes Go in the Winter?

Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles, which means their body temperature is determined by their environment. When winter rolls around, they need to find a way to keep warm and safe during the cold temperatures. But just what do they do?


One way in which snakes cope with the cold is to hibernate. This is when they essentially go dormant, lowering their metabolism, heart rate and breathing until spring arrives. This is particularly common among rattlesnakes and most other North American and European species.

Finding Shelter

Seeks can also seek out shelter from the cold by:

  • Slithering Into Burrows – As the temperature starts to drop, snakes can slither into burrows deep underground Providing them with protection for the winter months
  • Seeking Out Rock Crevices – Snakes can also seek out cracks and crevices in rock formations as well as other dark, sheltered spots during winter
  • Laying Up in Trees – Additionally, some species of snake will lay up in the cavities of trees until the winter passes


In some instances, snakes might take to the road and migrate to warmer climates. This is most commonly done by water snakes, who may move inland to find a place to winter during the colder months.

As you can see, snakes have figured out some very clever ways to deal with cold winter weather. By understanding their choices, we can appreciate the marvel that is the animal kingdom just a bit more.

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