where is the i like turtles kid now

Where is the “I Like Turtles” Kid Now?

Ten years ago, 15-year-old Colton Harris-Moore made headlines around the world with his famous phrase “I Like Turtles”. He became an internet sensation after he was apprehended for a string of crimes which followed a troubled up-bringing. After a brief trial, he was sentenced to 7-years in a juvenile detention centre.

Since the end of his sentence in 2012, Harris-Moore has faded from the public eye. But what has he been up to in the past decade? Here is a look at his journey and what he’s doing now.

From Juvenile Detention to College

Following his release from juvenile detention in 2012, Harris-Moore moved out of Washington and enrolled in a college. He completed two years of college before deciding to drop out, citing the discrepancy between his current and past life as a reason.

Living and Working in Seattle

Although Harris-Moore had dropped out of college, he was not deterred from achieving success. He found work in his hometown of Seattle, where he has been living and working for the past eight years.

His Present Lifestyle

Harris-Moore’s current lifestyle has become much more private. In 2015, he stated in an interview that he had “learned from past experiences and [is] mellowing in his older years”. He hasn’t spoke too much about what he does in his free time, but has mentioned that he loves to work out and practice martial arts.

Recently, Harris-Moore has also taken up an interest in charity work. Every year, he sets aside a percentage of his income to donate to organisations that aid people in his hometown who are less fortunate than him.


Despite being a controversial figure in the past, Colton Harris-Moore has managed to turn his life around and become a responsible and caring citizen. He is a great example of how people can take a negative experience and turn it into a positive one.

We at Turtle Weekly wish Colton Harris-Moore the best for the future. We hope that he will continue to make the world a better place.

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