where to buy live mice for snakes near me

Where to Buy Live Mice for Snakes Near Me

If you’re looking to buy live mice for your pet snake, you don’t have to look far. There are a variety of reptile and pet stores, online sellers, and even local sources that may carry live mice to feed your pet. Here’s what you should consider when looking for live mice for your snake:

Where to Look for Local Live Mice for Snakes

  • Pet Stores — Your local pet store may have live mice for sale and can ensure that the mouse is healthy and free from parasites.
  • Local Fur Harvesters — Fur harvesters typically have access to a larger supply of live mice and will often sell them in bulk numbers at far cheaper prices per mouse than the pet store.

Ordering Live Mice Online

  • Amazon — On Amazon you can search for ‘frozen mice’ or ‘live mice’ and you’ll find a variety of sellers offering both frozen and live mice. Keep in mind that you’ll need to store live mice in a fast-chilling freezer compartment overnight before offering them to your snake.
  • Live Food Specialists — If you’re looking for more variety, many live food specialists sell mice of different sizes, age, and colors. However, you should keep in mind that the shipping process can be a stressful experience for mice, so make sure you choose a vendor who includes appropriate packing supplies and a delivery method that will best protect the mice.

Considerations Before Buying Live Mice

Before purchasing live mice for your snake, you should consider the following:

  • The age and size of the mouse – Make sure the mouse is big enough to provide a substantial meal for your snake but not so large that it poses an injury risk.
  • The health of the mouse – Inspect the mouse before purchasing it to make sure that it is free from pests or signs of disease.
  • The shipping method for the mouse – If you’re ordering online, make sure you select a shipping method that will protect the mouse from injury.

By taking these factors into consideration, you can find the perfect live mouse for your pet snake.

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