where to get leopard geckos

Where to Get Leopard Geckos

Leopard geckos are beloved pet reptiles that are easy to care for, and available in many different colors and varieties. If you’re looking to get a leopard gecko, here are the best places to find one.

Online Breeders

  • Some of the best leopard geckos can be found from online breeders. You can usually find many varieties and colors on their websites to choose from!
  • The advantage of purchasing from an online breeder is that you will usually get healthy, captive-bred geckos.
  • Be sure to research the breeder before making a purchase, so you make sure you’re getting a quality gecko.

Pet Stores

  • Pet stores can be a good place to find a leopard gecko, but you should be wary of purchasing from them.
  • Store-bought leopard geckos can sometimes have health problems due to unknown care history, crowding, and lack of proper nutrition.
  • It’s best to buy leopard geckos from pet stores only as a last resort.


When looking for a leopard gecko, your best bet is to purchase from an online breeder. However, if you do choose to buy from a pet store, be sure to research the store and the gecko you are planning to buy. With proper care, leopard geckos could make the perfect pet for you!

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