who is the i like turtles kid

Who is the “I Like Turtles Kid”?

The “I Like Turtles Kid” is an iconic Internet sensation who rose to fame in the summer of 2008 after a live interview on a Milwaukee news station went viral. The young man featured in the interview became known as the “I Like Turtles Kid” given his memorable response to one of the news anchor’s questions.


The news article was filmed when two WISN-TV reporters were on a field trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo. One of the anchors spotted the young man, who later identified himself as Joe, and asked him why he was at the zoo. Joe’s response was an excited and enthusiastic “I like turtles!”

The video of the interview was soon uploaded to YouTube and quickly spread throughout the Internet.

Viral Status

Within days of its posting, the video became a worldwide phenomenon. Eventually, the words “I like turtles” even became an Internet meme.

The “I Like Turtles Kid” even changed his name on MySpace in 2009 to “Joe The Turtle Man.” His new moniker was released in the form of a rap song by Minneapolis-based hip-hop group F.L.Y. entitled “Joe The Turtle Man!”

Popular Culture

Today, references to the I Like Turtles Kid are found almost everywhere from television commercials, to movies and in popular music. In 2010, he even appeared in a Super Bowl ad for Google android.

He has also been referenced in the hit song “Whistle” by Flo Rida, the popular Kid Cudi song “Memories” and many more.


For many years, the “I like turtles” kid has captivated audiences across the world and continues to be an Internet sensation. He has been credited with bringing smiles and laughter to people in all corners of the globe.

So, if you ever meet someone who still quotes the classic catch phrase “I like turtles”, chances are they are referencing Joe, the iconic “I Like Turtles Kid”!

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