who played the ninja turtles

Who Played the Ninja Turtles?

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, also known as the TMNT, is an iconic animated series that has been around since the 80s. While the original cartoon featured four turtles who fought against the forces of evil, it’s the live action movies of the 90s that many fans remember best. In these movies, the Ninja Turtles were brought to life by four talented actors.

Elias Koteas – Casey Jones

Elias Koteas is known for his memorable roles in movies like The Thin Red Line and Fallen. He was cast as the vigilante hockey-mask-wearing Casey Jones in the original TMNT movie of 1990. He reprised the role for the sequels.

Chris Fox – Leonardo

Chris Fox provided the voice for Leonardo, the leader of the turtles, in the first two movies. He also made a brief appearance in the live action movie as an extra.

Brian Tochi – Raphael

Brian Tochi, best known for his roles in Revenge of the Nerds and License to Drive, played Raphael, the ninja turtle with the sai swords. He reprised the role in the first two live action movies.

Corey Feldman – Donatello

Corey Feldman can be seen in many classic 80s movies, including The Goonies. He brought Donatello to life in the first two TMNT live action movies.

The Ninja Turtles live on today in many different forms. While the actors who played them may have changed over the years, the heroic characters remain the same.

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