who was the leader of the ninja turtles

Ninjas in American culture

The since the late 1980s, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) have become an integral part of American culture. Throughout popular culture, they are seen as iconic characters that represent the epitome of teenage rebellion, independence and courage. But who led them to their butt-kicking adventures?

Leonardo: the Leader

Amongst the iconic team of four Turtles, one stands out for his leadership qualities: Leonardo, the turtle whose approach and style of leading is often referred to as a “differentiated leadership”. He is viewed as a brave and loyal leader who strives to perfect his technique and cultivate his mind in order to be a better leader.

Leadership skills:

  • He is dedicated to the task and puts in extra effort to become proficient in martial arts
  • He sets a good example for his friends and leads by example
  • He is responsible and not afraid to take action
  • He is calm and composed in any situation, which inspires others to stay composed as well
  • He is committed to doing what is right even when facing danger

Leonardo’s Legacy

Today, Leonardo’s legacy remains strong. He is seen as a positive role model and leader, inspiring others to step up and take action. His courage, loyalty, and commitment to justice are among the few qualities he displays that make him a great leader.

He is an inspiration to many who look up to him and strive to develop these same qualities. His leadership style has been admired by many and is seen as an example of how to effectively lead a team to success.


Leonardo is a prime example of a leader who displays admirable qualities and has the courage to take action and make tough decisions. His leadership style has been celebrated and admired for decades, making him an iconic and beloved leader amongst his peers.

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