Why Are Birds Considered Reptiles


Why Are Birds Considered Reptiles?

Birds are considered to be reptiles because they can trace their evolutionary line back to the same ancestor, the archosaur, that gave rise to modern day reptiles. Birds and reptiles share many physical characteristics, such as a four-chambered heart and a complex vision system, and their eggs are laid in similar ways.

Physical Characteristics

Birds and reptiles share a number of physical characteristics:

    • Four-Chambered Heart – This is a feature unique to birds and reptiles. A four-chambered heart pumps blood to separate oxygen-rich and oxygen-poor chambers, enabling the bird to take in more oxygen and fly faster.


    • Complex Vision System – Birds and reptiles have complex vision systems that can pick up on subtle nuances and changes in the environment.


    • Laid Eggs – While birds and reptiles lay their eggs in different ways, they both typically lay them in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment.


Similar Evolutionary Traits

Another reason why birds and reptiles are considered to be related is because of their similar evolutionary traits. The bird and reptile evolutionary lines have a common ancestor in the archosaur, which was an amphibious, carnivorous, and egg-laying vertebrate that lived in the late Triassic period.


Though there are still some debates about the classification of birds, it is generally accepted that birds are reptiles and share certain physical characteristics and the same evolutionary ancestor.

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