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Why Are My Guinea Pigs Fighting


Why Are My Guinea Pigs Fighting?

Guinea pigs are social animals who groom, sleep and eat together. Unfortunately, there are times when guinea pigs argue and fight, causing distress for their owners. Below are some possible reasons why your furry friends may be fighting and what you can do about it:

1. Both Guinea Pigs Want to Be Dominant

Guinea pigs act like wild animals in the sense that they strive to be the dominant pig in the cage. When two guinea pigs are vying for the alpha position, it may lead to them fighting.

2. Unfamiliarity

If you introduce a new guinea pig, the resident guinea pig may feel threatened and lash out. In such cases, it is important to ensure that the two guinea pigs gradually get acquainted with each other, with supervision.

3. hormones

Your guinea pigs may be in an agitated state due to hormonal changes. Keep an eye on your guinea pig’s mood for signs of stress or changes, and take immediate action if necessary.

4. Limited Cage Space

Having an adequately sized cage and adding cat trees or other furniture for your guinea pigs to climb onto and hide in can help give them enough space from each other to feel safe.

5. Not Enough Food

Guinea pigs can get aggressive if they feel like they are not getting enough food, so make sure your guinea pigs always have access to fresh hay, vegetables and guinea pig food.

What Can I Do To Stop The Fighting?

  • Observe your guinea pigs – Watching your guinea pigs can help you know when and why they are fighting, and can even help you address the problem more quickly.
  • Provide plenty of space – Make sure your guinea pigs have ample space to move around and out from under each other.
  • Provide plenty of food and water – Be sure that your guinea pigs have enough food and that it’s distributed evenly so that neither pig is left out.
  • Introduce them properly – If you’re introducing a new guinea pig, take the time and effort to ensure that the two pigs can get used to each other gradually.
  • Seek help from a vet – If the fighting continues and you’re concerned, it’s a good idea to take your guinea pigs to a vet who specializes in exotic animals.

Fighting between two guinea pigs can be a cause for concern, but with the right knowledge and steps, it’s usually possible to resolve the issue and get your furry friends back to being friends again.

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