why did tcu choose horned frogs

TCU and Horned Frogs: A Symbiotic Relationship

Since the creation of their logo in 1897, TCU has embraced the horned frog to represent their athletic teams and university as a whole. Here, we will outline why TCU chose the Horned Frog and why the two remain a strong pair today.

The History Behind the Horned Frog

The Horned Frog has had a special place in Texas Christian University’s history since the late 19th century. It started when TCU student Jordan Crise wrote a poem called ‘The Horned Frogs’ as part of a contest in 1897. The poem was so popular that it ended up becoming the school’s unofficial mascot.

The University officially recognized the Horned Frog as its mascot in 1979 – though its place in the school’s history and culture had already been solidified decades before.

Why TCU Chose the Horned Frog for its Mascot

TCU chose the Horned Frog as its mascot for a variety of factors. The first is due to the frog’s association with the state of Texas, where TCU is located. The Horned Frog is a species endemic to the state and has strong ties to the local culture.

The physical appearance and characteristics of the Horned Frog also make it an ideal mascot for TCU. Being a tough and resilient species, the Horned Frog personifies the school’s ‘never give up’ spirit. The bold colors and fierce facial expression also represent the competitive spirit of the Texas Christian University athlete.

Symbolic Value of Horned Frogs at TCU

The Horned Frog has deep symbolic value for TCU. Its significance is rooted in the values of resilience, hard work, and determination. For TCU, the Horned Frog represents the idea that anything is possible with dedication, hard work, and a strong spirit.

These values are deeply embedded in the school’s culture and inspire current and future generations. In short, TCU chose the Horned Frog as its mascot because it embodies the characteristics of the university to a T!

TCU and Horned Frogs Today

TCU and the Horned Frog continue to have a strong relationship today. The mascot (or ‘SuperFrog’) is still a beloved spirit at the university – and can be seen cheering on the TCU sports teams during games.

Furthermore, the Horned Frog is featured prominently in the school’s goods and logo. This is a testament to the strong history TCU has with the Horned Frog, and how the two have come together to form a symbiotic relationship.


TCU chose the Horned Frog as its mascot due to its strong ties with the state of Texas and its powerful symbolism. Through the years, TCU and the Horned Frog have come to form a symbiotic relationship – inspiring current and future generations of the school’s students, alumni, and supporters.

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