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Why Do Bearded Dragons Look Up


Why Do Bearded Dragons Look Up?

Bearded dragons, members of the Agamidae family of lizards, native to Australia and other areas of the globe, have a behavior that may be puzzling to those who are new to their care – they often look up. From their perch atop a branch, rock, or whatever perch they have chosen, they will seemingly stare up at the sky for hours. So why do bearded dragons look up?


One of the primary reasons for why bearded dragons look up is to aid in the shedding process. As bearded dragons age, their skin accumulates nonviable debris and eventually molts. To speed up the process, they require extra moisture. By looking up while doing their “be joey” basking, bearded dragons can catch the extra moisture droplets clinging to the branches, or nearby leaves and rocks, which can help make their skin soft and supple so it is easier to shed.

Temperature Change

Bearded dragons are well known as reptiles that require both basking and cooler areas to roam. By looking up while basking, they can tell if the ambient temperature is too hot or humid, which allows them to adjust their baskingtemperature and humidity levels to their comfort.

Searching for Prey

Another reason why bearded dragons look up is that they are usually searching for prey. As avid insectivores, bearded dragons enjoy a variety of insects and other arthropods for their diet. By scanning the branches and ceilings for nearby insects, they can easily spot their next meal and make the necessary move to acquire it.

Reacting to Light & Movement

Basking in light is essential for a bearded dragon’s health, as their bodies require UV light to properly absorb calcium and other important nutrients. Additionally, their eyes are attuned to motion, and they will quickly turn their heads and scan the skies for potential threats or food. By looking up, they can read the environment and determine if any action is necessary.

Exploring Their Environment

It is entirely possible that the only reason why bearded dragons look up is simply because they are curious about their environment. In addition to sensing changes in light and air movements, they are also exploring their surroundings and search for new perches and hiding spots. By frequently looking up, they can find more comfortable places to rest and hide when they feel threatened.


Understanding why bearded dragons look up can help keepers better appreciate their behavior and give them better care. From shedding and temperature regulation to prey acquisition and exploring their environment, there are multiple reasons why these adorable pets make this seemingly puzzling behavior, which includes making sure they remain healthy and happy in their new home!

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