why do cats nibble on you

Why do cats Nibble on You?

It’s all too common for cat owners to be disturbed mid-sleep by the gentle nibbling sensation of their beloved pet. This natural behavior can seem alarming, but rest assured, it usually means your cat is simply showing affection.

Your Cat is Showing Affection

Cats often display affection by mimicking a behavior from kittenhood when they would help their mother clean them. Nuzzling your skin with their teeth is a sign of affection and love that your cat is attempting to give.

Reacting to a Pleasant Stimulus

Your cat may also be exhibiting an instinctive reaction to an internal or external stimulus. If your cat nuzzles you when in the presence of a calming influence, it may be a sign that they find whatever is in the presence of pleasant. This could include the presence of other cats, particular noise, certain people and much more. Your cat may also be engaging in this instinctive behavior as a result of being pleased by your petting or speaking to them.

How To React to Nibbling

Although it can be disturbing to wake up to your cat nibbling on you, it should generally be seen as an expression of affection. As long as your cat is not biting down, the best way to respond is by offering a gentle petting or scratching (which they will likely enjoy).

If your cat is nibbling down and actually breaking your skin, you may want to consider a few measures to prevent this from ever happening again.

  • Give them a toy: Having a variety of toys available for your cat to play with can give them an outlet for their energy, instead of your body.
  • Schedule play sessions: Taking time out of your day to engage in interactive play with your cat can help them remain better behaved.
  • Take to a vet: If the behavior continues, it could be an indication of underlying issues that should be addressed by a professional.

Nibbling is an instinctive behavior that cats often engage in to express their love. It’s up to us to reward their attempts of doing so in a gentle and appropriate manner.

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