Why Do Cats Suck on Blankets


Why Do Cats Suck on Blankets?

Do you ever see your cat suck on a blanket? While it may seem strange at first, this behavior is actually quite common and normal amongst cats. There are a few different explanations as to why they do this.

It’s Comforting

Many cats find a sense of comfort when they suck on a blanket or other clothing item. Cats may suck on blankets to induce feelings of calmness and security, which may be further compounded by the scent of their guardians.

It’s Tasty

Another reason cats suck on blankets is because they may enjoy the taste or texture of the fabric. Some cats have even been known to suck on their blankies like a pacifier.

It’s Genetic

The behavior of sucking on blankets can also be traced back to cats’ wild roots. Kittens nurse on their mother for nourishment, comfort and warmth, and for some cats, this behavior may persist even after weaning.

How to Manage It

If your cat’s blanket-sucking has become excessively frequent or aggressive, here are a few tips to help manage the behavior:

  • Provide Multiple Comfort Options. Give your cat plenty of different items to choose from that may provide comfort. This can include blankets, snug-fitting clothing items, toys and scratching posts.
  • Try a Bitter Spray. Spraying a bitter or bad-tasting substance on your cat’s favorite blanket may help dissuade them from wanting to suck on it.
  • Redirect Attention. Try engaging in play with your cat to redirect their attention away from the blanket.
  • Seek Veterinary Guidance. If your cat’s behavior seems excessive or you’re having difficulty controlling it, contact your veterinarian. They can help identify underlying issues that may need to be addressed.

For most cats, sucking on blankets can be a perfectly normal and harmless behavior. The key is to monitor it closely and maintain your cat’s mental and physical wellbeing to help keep nuisance behaviors in check.

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