Why Do Geckos Do Push Ups


Why Do Geckos Do Push ups?

Why Do Geckos Do Push Ups Geckos are fascinating creatures known for their ability to climb smooth surfaces and their ability to do push-ups. Push-ups are common among many species of lizards, but why do geckos do them?


Push-ups are used as a form of communication in the Gecko world. Since these animals do not have vocal cords, push-ups are a great way for them to communicate with other geckos. As with any animal, it is important that they let each other know when they are looking for a mate, when they feel threatened or when they are simply just enjoying their meal!

Marking Territory

Geckos also use push-ups to mark their territory. As they push-up their back against the ground, they are leaving a scent that warns other geckos that this space is taken and they should stay away. This behavior can also be used as a warning to other animals, potentially keeping them away from their homes.

Defending Themselves

In addition to communication and marking territory, geckos can also use push-ups when defending themselves. As they push-up and make themselves look bigger, the potential threat is often scared away. This behavior can also be used to demand respect from other geckos.

What Else Do Geckos Do?

Geckos have a few other unique behaviors as well, such as:

    • Tail Wagging: Geckos will often wag their tails when they want to get your attention. This can also be a sign of affection.


    • Eye Blinking: Geckos can blink their eyes to show either submission or a sign of relaxation.


    • Chirping: Geckos will make a chirping sound when they are feeling threatened. This is a warning to other animals to stay away.


Push-ups are just one way geckos have adapted to their environment in order to survive and thrive. Their clever behavior is why so many of us love these lizards so much!

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