Why Do Gerbils Scratch The Glass


The Scratching Behavior of Gerbils

Gerbils are small rodents that are popular as household pets. They are native to desert regions and require a large cage and plenty of exercise outside of it in order to stay healthy.

Why do Gerbils Scratch the Glass?

Gerbils may exhibit a variety of behaviors such as digging, digging around or inside objects, or scratching the glass of their enclosure. Here are a few reasons why gerbils may scratch the glass of their enclosure:

    • Exploring: Gerbils may scratch the glass out of curiosity and exploration. They are naturally curious creatures, and this behavior may be their way of inspecting and researching their environment.
    • Marking Territory: Gerbils may also scratch the glass to mark their territory. They may do this to let other gerbils know that the area belongs to them.
    • Boredom: Gerbils may start to scratch the glass if they are bored. Lack of environmental enrichment can lead to frustration and this behavior can be the result of that frustration.
    • Stimulation: Scratching the glass may also provide gerbils with a form of physical stimulation that they enjoy.


Preventing Unwanted Scratching Behavior

Gerbil owners should keep in mind that the animal’s enclosure may encourage unwanted behaviors like scratching. If the enclosure is small or if there are not enough hides and toys to occupy the gerbil’s time, the animal may become bored and look for an alternate activity such as scratching.

Providing plenty of environmental enrichment is the key to reducing unwanted behaviors. Provide a large, spacious enclosure with plenty of hiding spots, climbing opportunities, and chewable items. Also, provide interesting toys and activities that your gerbil can engage in. This will help keep the animal occupied and help reduce the chances of it engaging in unwanted behaviors such as scratching.

In conclusion, gerbils may scratch the glass of their enclosure due to a variety of reasons such as boredom or marking territory. Taking the time to provide your gerbil with plenty of environmental enrichment can help reduce this behavior and keep your gerbil happy and healthy.

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