Why Do Hamsters Die After 2 Years


Why Do Hamsters Die After 2 Years?

Hamsters are beloved furry friends for small kids and adults alike, with their adorable faces and sweet disposition. But many people who choose hamsters as pets often become sad when the hamster eventually dies after a couple of years. Let us look into why hamsters tend to die after two years.

Hamsters in the Wild

Hamsters, who are in the wild, tend to have short lifespans; they usually live for a year or two. This is due to several factors:

    • Predation – hamsters in the wild are usually targeted by natural predators such as owls, cats, dogs, and foxes.


    • Diseases – in the wild, hamsters are exposed to many different illnesses and parasites.


    • Injury – wild hamsters can get injured due to their hectic lifestyle, especially when exploring their environment or fighting for territory.


Hamsters in Captivity

Once in captivity, a hamster’s lifespan can reach 2-3 years, due to the following factors;

    • Nutrition – a hamster living in a cage will have access to a balanced diet and fewer parasites.


    • Enclosure – hamsters in captivity will be kept in a clean and safe space, reducing the risk of injury and disease.


    • Care – hamsters in captivity are given the appropriate amount of attention, food and exercise.


However, after two years, pet hamsters may also succumb to age-related illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. Too often, pet owners are so focused on providing their hamster with a comfortable home environment and diet that they forget to check for signs of illness that may indicate a need for veterinary assistance.


At the end of the day, while hamsters can live to be over 2 years old in captivity, their short lifespan is still something to consider when getting a hamster. The best way to ensure a hamster’s longevity is to be aware of any warning signs that indicate a need for medical assistance, and to provide them with proper nutrition and exercise.

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