why do hamsters die after 2 years

Why Do Hamsters Die After Two Years?

Hamsters are popular pets for many, making their short lifespans quite the tragedy. Most hamsters will pass away after two years, with some living as long as three. But what causes a hamster’s death after such a short time?


Generally, hamsters have a lifespan of two years due to genetics. They’re described as a “fast-aging organism” which can be attributed to their gene pool. Much like some human babies born with Down syndrome aging quickly, hamsters are born with genes that won’t extend their lives.


Not paying attention to environmental factors can really shorten a hamster’s lifespan. A few elements that can shorten their years include:

  • Diet – Incorrect diets can result in malnutrition, weakening the organs and immune system.
  • Temperature – Too warm of an atmosphere can make a hamster more vulnerable to a cold
  • Stress – If a hamster feels threatened, they expend energy they shouldn’t have to, leading to further weakening.

By ensuring a hamster is given proper temperatures, diet, and stress-free environment, owners can help their pet live a long and healthy life.


Owners can help their hamsters last for the longest time possible. On top of providing a positive atmosphere, owners should look into neutering or spaying their pet. Hamsters that birth litters typically won’t make it through to the two-year mark due to the strain of constant reproduction.

Hamsters are also highly sensitive to certain scents and perfumes, so avoiding them is key. This includes herbal remedies, oils, and even some cleaning solutions. If a hamster smells these scents lingering on an owner’s hand, they might resist it, thinking it’s a predator.


Most hamsters average life expectancy is two years due to genetics. Giving them a proper diet, temperature, and stress-free environment can help them make it to their natural life expectancy. Owners can also make sure to neutering or spaying their pet to avoid the risk of constant reproduction. Additionally, avoiding perfumes and scents is a must, as too much stimulation can confuse a hamster.

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