why do hamsters like to run

Why Do Hamsters Like to Run?

Hamsters are small rodents that make great pets. Have you ever wonder why your cute little hammy loves running on its wheel? Well, here is why!

Nature’s Instinct

The first reason why hamsters like to run is that it is part of their nature. They evolved in the wild for running and covering long distances in order to escape predators and search for food. Hamsters have retained this instinct in captivity and therefore enjoy exercising on wheels.

Exploring Environment

Additionally, hamsters are social animals who enjoy exploring their environment. Running on the wheel gives them the opportunity to explore and understand their immediate surroundings thus providing them with mental stimulation.

Release of Energy

Another possible reason why hamsters run a lot is that they just have so much energy to burn. They are small cute bundles of energy that need to be released in some way in order to stop them from getting bored.

Benefits of Running

Running on their wheels has multiple benefits for hamsters. It:

  • Keeps them healthy as it helps improve circulation and helps muscles to stay toned.
  • Promotes sleep as exhausting physical activity makes them ready for an eventual sleep.
  • Keeps them alert and active as they live in small cages and do not really have the stimulation they would find in the wild.

So there you have it, running is a natural instinct hamsters have retained since their wild days. It helps them explore their environment, release excess energy and keep healthy. All these factors make hamsters enjoy running on their wheels.

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