Why Do Hamsters Like Wheels


What Makes Hamsters Love Their Wheels?

Hamsters love their wheel for multiple reasons and make it an inseparable source of self-play. In fact, these small creatures can spend hours in their wheel and wheel can make their life quite fulfilling.

1. Exercise

One of the most obvious reasons why hamsters like wheels is to keep themselves fit and active. It is a great source of exercise that allows the hamsters to maintain a healthy body. Wheels give the opportunity to the hamsters to stay active and also encourages them to consume tasty food.

2. Mental Stimulation

The wheel also provides for great mental stimulation that helps the hamsters stay engaged and make them more alert. It is even known to help them to relax after getting stressed out from a challenging situation.

3. Fun Activity

Another reason why hamsters love the wheel is that it is a great source of fun. They can spin the wheel and make their own world of fun and playful activities. The wheel also encourages them to tinker and experiment with different activities.

4. Comfort/Security

The wheel can also be taken as a way of security and comfort. The wheel provides a sense of comfort to the hamster that makes them feel safe and secure in their own little world.


Hamsters love their wheels for multiple reasons ranging from exercise to mental stimulation and comfort. A wheel can be a great way to make their lives fulfilled and enjoyable and help them to stay on track with their healthy lifestyle.

So, these are the few of the reasons why hamsters like wheels and make it a part of their life.

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