Why Do Hamsters Make Noise


Why Do Hamsters Make Noise?

Hamsters are small, furry rodents that are kept as pets in many households. They are popular amongst children and adults alike, not just for their cute appearances, but also for their curious and playful personalities. An integral part of hamster behavior is making noise, but why exactly do they do this?

Growling and Gnawing

Hamsters will produce deep, tenor growls when they feel threatened. This defensive behavior is usually done in response to another animal that has startled or approached them. However, if a hamster grows too comfortable with its surroundings or home, it might even growl at its owner.

In addition to growling, hamsters can also be heard gnawing and teeth grindings. This behavior is not territorial or defensive, but rather general comfort and relaxation. It has been suggested that hamsters grind their teeth when they are feeling particularly content, as well as to help keep their teeth filed down.

Chirps and Squeaks

Hamsters are also known to make higher pitched noises, such as chirps and squeaks. These playful vocalizations are most common when a hamster is moved to a brand new area or environment, as it is its way of exploring and discovering its new territory.

Chirps and squeaks may also be made when a hamster is playing with its owner or another animal – this friendly behavior often means that the hamster is feeling safe and is enjoying itself. Squeaks may also be made when a hamster is looking for food or searching for its owner.


Finally, a hamster may scream in certain situations, such as when it is in intense pain or if it feels very threatened. Screaming is the hamster’s last resort – it is usually done to signal to predators that the hamster is too large to be preyed upon.


To summarise, hamsters make noises for a variety of reasons. These include:

    • Growling and gnawing in order to express feelings of discomfort or contentment;


    • Chirping and squeaking when exploring or playing;


    • Screaming in extreme pain or in the presence of predators.


Hamsters are very vocal and have a certain repertoire of noises they make – understanding what these noises mean and why they occur can help pet owners provide the best possible care for their hamsters.

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