why do hamsters punch

Why Do Hamsters Punch?

Hamsters are usually known for their harmless, gentle nature and adorable fuzzy demeanour. However, it is not uncommon for these lovely creatures to pack a punch – literally! While some might be surprised to find out that hamsters can punch, there are many good reasons why they may do so.

Protecting themselves

One of the main reasons why hamsters deliver a punch punch is to protect themselves from harm. Hamsters are very vulnerable to predators, so any sudden movement from their owners can startle them into striking out. This wild instinct is important for its survival in the wild, as it allows a hamster to defend itself if it finds itself in danger.


Hamsters can also punch out of fear if it is startled. Loud noises or sudden movements can cause a hamster to become fearful and lash out with a punch. Similarly, if one feels threatened or trapped, it may result in an angry and defensive punch.

Exploring their Territory

Hamsters have a surprisingly strong need to explore and understand their environment. A punch can be their way of gauging the world around them. As they explore, they use punch-like motions to feel and comprehend the objects in front of them.

Bonding with its Owners

Some hamsters may also punch their owners as a way of bonding. Hamsters may extend their paw to their owners in a way that resembles a friendly handshake. This is their way of building a friendship and bonding with their owners.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why hamsters may use punches. From protecting themselves from danger, to exploring their environment and bonding with their owners, these little furry creatures often use their natural defence mechanisms to safeguard themselves. As long as the environment is calm and the owners are gentle, it’s likely these moments of punching will remain relatively rare.

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