Why Do Hamsters Run On Wheels At Night


Why do Hamsters Run on Wheels at Night?

Hamsters are small, furry animals that love to run on their exercise wheels in the evening. While you might think that hamsters are simply exercising, there are a few compelling reasons why they spend so much time running at night.

An Instinctual Behavior

hamsters exhibiting this behavior is hardly a coincidence—it’s hardwired in their brains. Wild hamsters are naturally nocturnal creatures, and their instinctual behavior encourages them to forage for food, explore their environment, and play at night. Unfortunately, if your fuzzy companion is living in a small cage with limited resources, it may resort to running in its wheel to mimic the behavior it would express in its natural habitat.

A Sense of Comfort

Another reason why your pet hamster may be running on its wheel at night is to relieve stress. Wild hamsters are used to running long distances to find food, and as they do so they also look for somewhere to sleep and adopt a comfortable position. If your pet is feeling stressed or anxious, it may turn to running in its wheel to provide a sense of comfort, not unlike humans turning to a warm bath or a good book.

Time-out to Exercise

Finally, hamsters can really benefit from running and playing in their wheels. It helps to keep them healthy and happy. Since your pet spends most of the day sleeping in its cage, it’s important for it to have a few hours of physical activity to stay in tip-top condition. Regular exercise can help to ward off obesity and prevent many other health problems from developing.

So why do hamsters run on wheels at night? Overall, it’s a combination of instinctual behavior, stress relief, and a way to exercise. By providing your furry friend with a comfortable and safe place to spy and exercise, you can ensure that it will stay happy and healthy.

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