why do hamsters stuff their cheeks

Why Do Hamsters Stuff Their Cheeks?

Hamsters, along with other members of the rodent family, have the curious habit of stuffing their cheeks with food. This behavior may seem strange to us, but it is actually quite important to their survival. Here’s why:

Resource Gathering

When a hamster finds a good source of food, it will gather as much as it possibly can. Storing food in its cheeks means that it can take advantage of the opportunity and make use of a limited resource.

Food Storage

Cheek stuffing also serves as a clever way for hamsters to store food for later use. It’s a great way for them to save food for times when it’s scarce.


You might notice your hamster carrying large pieces of food with its cheeks to its hiding place. Doing this helps hamsters transport food quickly and safely so they can eat it later in a secure spot.

Boasting Their Find

In addition to gathering and storing food, stuffing their cheeks may serve as a way of showing off what they’ve found. Hamsters will sometimes make special “cheek run”s to their nests to show off their bounty.

In conclusion, hamsters stuff their cheeks for a number of reasons, including gathering resources, food storage, transportation, and displaying their finds. It’s a fascinating behavior that helps these small mammals survive in the wild.

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