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why do my guinea pigs poop so much

Why do my Guinea pigs Poop So Much?

Do you have guinea pigs in your home? If so, you might be wondering why they seem to poop non-stop. Relax – this is normal behaviour for guinea pigs and there are a few reasons for it. Here are a few:

They Eat Constantly

Guinea pigs tend to eat non-stop. They may nibble at hay and veggies throughout the day and this frequency of eating leads to a pile of poo.

They Have Bacteria in Their Gut

Guinea pigs have bacteria in their gut that help them digest their food. This bacteria leads to more pooping.

They Have a Fast Digestive System

Guinea pigs have a fast digestive system, which means they digest their food quickly, resulting in more frequent need to poop.

They Are Grazers

Guinea pigs love to graze, which means they are constantly nibbling and eating. This leads to even more pooping.

They Eat Foods High in Fibre

Guinea pigs need a diet high in fibre to stay healthy. Fibre helps move food through their digestive systems, which can result in more frequent pooping.

So, don’t be concerned if your guinea pigs seem to be pooping all the time. This is just part of the process of them living a healthy and happy life. In addition to this, there are a few things you can do to help keep their poops under control.

Tips For Reducing Poop

  • Reduce Hay and Veggie Intake – Hay and vegetables should make up a small portion of your guinea pig’s diet. If they eat too much hay, then they will likely poop more.
  • Reduce Sugar In Take – Sugary fruits and treats should be avoided, since they can cause digestive problems and lead to more pooping.
  • Clean Poop Immediately – Cleaning up any poop in their cage as soon as possible will help reduce the amount of time it has to sit there and dry out.

So, there you have it – a few reasons why your guinea pigs poop so much and a few tips for reducing poop. If you take these tips into consideration, then you should be able to keep their poops under control and ensure they remain healthy and happy.

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