why do turtles hit black things

Why Do Turtles Hit Black Things?

Turtles are curious creatures, and it’s not uncommon to observe them attacking or trying to interact with different objects of their environment. They may be especially drawn to objects colored black and you may be wondering why.

Attraction to Dark Colors

Turtles, like some other animals, may be attracted to dark colors due to the fact that they are easier to spot in dark environments. For example, if the turtle is in a dark environment like a pond at night, it may be easier for them to spot dark objects and investigate them.

Attraction To Contrast

Turtles may also be drawn to things that have a distinct contrast to their environment. For example, if the turtle is in a murky pond environment, a black object would stick out more than something else. As a result, the turtle may be drawn to it as a way to investigate and explore its environment.

Attraction To Smells

Turtles may also be attracted to black objects because of the smell. For example, black objects may smell different from the other objects in their environment and the turtle may be attracted to that smell.


Finally, turtles may attack or interact with black objects out of curiosity or to see what will happen next. After all, curiosity is one of the most common traits among animals, including turtles.

No matter the reason, it’s always best to monitor turtles as they interact with objects, especially black objects in order to ensure their safety. While turtles may be attracted to black objects, they may not always be safe for them.

In conclusion, there are a few possible reasons why turtles are attracted to black objects. These include the object being easily spotted in dark environments, having a distinct contrast to their environment, smelling differently than other objects in their environment, and out of curiosity.

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