why do turtles hit black things

Why Do Turtles Hit Black Things?

It’s not unheard of for turtles to gain an interest in seemingly random objects or substances, sometimes banging them around with their heads in pursuit of food or amusement. One of these behaviors is the strange tendency for turtles to tap or hit black objects with their snouts or shells.

Seeking Out Darkness

It’s believed that, for water turtles in particular, this behavior is largely triggered by environmental factors. Turtles are natural-born sunbathers and will come out of their shells in a warm, dark environment. This means that darker objects often appear more inviting than their lighter counterparts and can spurn the animal to lash out.

The Move Towards Red

Turtles also have a tendency to be attracted to red objects. In pursuit of food or otherwise, this particular color may draw their attention more than other color choices. Even when it comes to black objects, some coloring variation may be enough to change the animal’s behavior and draw it away.

Seeking Out Comfort

It’s not only the hue that may be attractive to turtles, however. Particular materials or textures can also prove enticing – with sharp and shiny objects being the least desirable. This suggests that turtles may be actively seeking out a pleasing or comforting feeling from many of the objects they encountered, often in search of food.

Why Do Turtles Hit Black Things?

So why do turtles hit black things? Ultimately, it’s most likely related to the turtle’s environment and the range of objects it encounters. Turtles appear to prefer the dark and to be attracted to red, while they may also be seeking out a particular feeling or texture.

In conclusion:

  • Turtles may be drawn to dark objects due to their natural preference for dark environments.
  • Turtles may be attracted to some objects due to their red hue.
  • Turtles may also be searching for particular materials and textures in an effort to find a comfortable or desirable feeling.

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