why don’t turtles like the color black

Turtles and the Color Black

Most creatures have preferences for certain colors, and turtles are no exception. There is one color, however, that turtles don’t seem to be a fan of – black. So, why don’t turtles like the color black?

The Color of a Turtle’s Environment

One of the reasons why turtles don’t like the color black is likely due to the environment they inhabit. Turtles live in sunny, beachy environments filled with light, bright colors – something very different to dark shades like black. Thus, seeing the color black against a backdrop of light may appear off-putting and confusing to a turtle.

The Role of Camouflage

Another reason turtles tend to avoid the color black is likely due to its role in camouflage. Turtles rely on their ability to blend in to their surroundings for protection, and the color black does not help in this matter. Instead, brown, green and other natural colors are better suited for blending into their environment.

Turtle Preferences

In general, turtles seem to prefer more natural, muted tones and colors. While the color black may be seen as mysterious and elegant to us, it does not seem to evoke the same feelings for turtles.


To conclude, turtles don’t tend to like the color black due to their natural environment and the role it plays in camouflage. While they may appreciate simpler, more natural tones and colors, black may be too bold and off-putting to a turtle.

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