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Why Is My Bearded Dragons Poop Runny


What Should I Do If My Bearded Dragons Poop Is Runny?

If you are the owner of a bearded dragon, it can be concerning when you first notice that their poop is becoming runny. Here is some helpful information about why this may be happening and how to manage it.

What Causes Runny Poop in Bearded Dragons?

Runny poop can be a sign of intestinal problems such as parasitic infections, bacterial infections, or even stress or improper diet. To ensure your bearded dragon is getting the proper nutrition, offer a variety of foods, including:

    • Leafy kale and dark-colored lettuce


    • Vegetables, such as dandelion greens and squash


    • Fruits like raspberries, blueberries and blackberries


    • Insects and other protein sources


Weight and Nutrition

In addition to ensuring your bearded dragon is getting a balanced diet, you should also pay attention to their weight. They need a certain amount of fat to thrive, so if they become too skinny, their metabolism can slow down and lead to runny poop. If this is the case, you may need to help your bearded dragon increase their calorie intake by adding more insects and higher-fat foods like avocado or mealworms.

Does Your Bearded Dragon Have a Parasitic Infection?

If a nutritional imbalance or weight loss isn’t to blame, there’s a chance your bearded dragon may have a parasitic infection that is causing their runny poop. To check for this, you can take a sample of the poop and take it to your veterinarian. They can perform tests to diagnose the problem and help you treat it effectively.

How Can I Prevent Runny Poop in My Bearded Dragon?

The best way to prevent runny poop in your bearded dragon is to provide a proper and nutritious diet, keep their enclosure clean, and monitor their weight and health. If you notice any changes in their health, a trip to the vet may be necessary.

Remember, a healthy, happy bearded dragon starts with providing a balanced diet and proper care!

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