why snakes shed their skin

Why Snakes Shed their Skin?

Snakes are an ancient species of reptile, often seen as mysterious and as predators. While they can have an imposing presence, they have a rather fascinating mechanism that helps keep them healthy. They shed their skin.

Skin Shedding Process

The shedding process for snakes is known as ecdysis or moulting. This process usually occurs every few weeks or so depending on the snake type and species. Snake skin is not like human skin and it isn’t simply stretched as the snake grows; instead, it splits along its length and is worked off the snake by rubbing against rough surfaces.

Purpose of Skin Shedding

Snakes shed their skin due to several reasons:

  • Growth: The most obvious benefit of skin shedding is that it helps the snake to grow. As the snake matures, its skin becomes too tight.
  • Repair: Snake skin is quite fragile and can be easily torn or damaged. Moulting helps the snake to repair any cuts and tears on the skin.
  • Infection Prevention: Moulting helps the snake to get rid of parasites or infection-causing microbes that may have infested the skin.
  • Escape: Snake skin camouflages them from predators. Shedding helps the snake get rid of the old and faded skin color, allowing them to blend in with the environment.


In conclusion, the process of skin shedding is essential for snakes and helps them stay healthy and safe. Through regular shedding, their skin can repair itself and find new colors to match its surrounding environment.

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